Single Amer Smooth
Single Amer Rhythm
Single Intl Standard
Single Intl Latin
Single Club Style
Single Country Western
Open 9 Dance Championships (Rh-Sm)
Open 9 Dance Championships (Sm-St)
Multi Amer Smooth
Multi Amer Smooth (S)
Multi Amer Rhythm
Multi Amer Rhythm (S)
Multi Intl Latin
Multi Intl Latin (SG)
Multi Intl Standard
Multi Intl Standard (SG)
Multi Club
WDSS Smooth
WDSS Rhythm
WDSS Latin
WDSS Standard
Scholarships Smooth
Scholarships Smooth (4D)
Scholarships Rhythm
Scholarships Rhythm (5D)
Scholarships Latin
Scholarships Latin (5D)
Scholarships Standard
Scholarships Standard (5D)
Group Show Routines
BEST of the BEST(F)
Amateur Standard
Amateur Latin
Amateur Standard CHALLENGES
Amateur Latin CHALLENGES
Non Official Standard
Non Official Latin
DNL Amateur
DNL Showdance
DNL Challenge Cup
DNL Grand Trophy Challenge
Am-Am Amateur Latin
Am-Am Non Official Standard
Am-Am Non Official Latin